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The Occitan Nation Party and the 2nd round of the French presidential election

The Occitan Nation Party does not give voting instructions for the 2nd round of the presidential election but proposes food for thought to guide the choice of Occitan voters.

What is the record of the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron?

The muti-layered area system has not been simplified, the large shapeless regions that we owe to François Hollande are still political dwarfs without real powers.

Macron maintained the referendum on self-determination in New Caledonia (Kanaky) for it to remain in the French fold despite the boycott of Kanak people.

He offered no institutional progress to Corsica.

As a good French Jacobin and imperialist, he supported Spain in its repression of Catalan independence movement.

He favoured Francophonie and did nothing to establish linguistic diversity in France.

He did not try to solve the problem of the territorial divide revealed by the "yellow waistcoats".

He managed the pandemic in an authoritarian way.

He did not efficiently tackle two problems that concern our fellow citizens: uncontrolled immigration and the integration of populations of immigrant origin.

This negative record justifies the choice not to vote for him unless by default to avoid the worst, i.e. the election of Marine Le Pen.

Nevertheless, voting for Macron is a respectable choice.

The Occitan Nation Party recalls that Marine Le Pen remains an ultra-Jacobin, enemy of linguistic diversity, French imperialist, hostile to the autonomy of Corsica, proposing to abolish the regions and a supporter of "national preference".

Without going as far as Frexit and leaving the euro, her election and her sympathy for the authoritarian fascistic regimes in the European Union and her admiration for Putin's Russia would provoke a serious crisis and perhaps a break-up of the Union, even if it is not certain that she would have a majority in Parliament to apply a demagogic programme, particularly on the economic front.

The Occitan Nation Party believes that it would be unreasonable and dangerous to vote for her even if it understands the anger against Macron and the desire of the inhabitants of "rank and file France" to get rid of him at all costs by voting for her.

Those who refuse the choice between the least worst and the worst candidate, can use the blank or null vote, honourable in itself, but which has no influence on the outcome of the election.

There remains abstention, just as justifiable when the choice offered is not a real one, since the Occitan people and the other peoples of France have no institutional recognition and therefore no freedom of decision.

The Occitan Nation Party, once the presidential election is over, calls for a maximum number of candidates representing the peoples of France in the legislative elections of June to make their voice heard, a voice absent from the campaign for the presidential election, and to become part of the political landscape.

2nd round of the French presidential election

2nd round of the French presidential election

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