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Turkey : When a nation oppresses another, it cannot expect to be free

A little more than a century ago, from 1914 onwards, the  « Young Turks’ » government organized the genocides of Christian minorities in Anatolia : Armenian, Aramaic (Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriacs) and Greek minorities (Pontic Greeks and Cappadocians).

Massacres, famine and transportation lasted until 1918 and even beyond, as far as Greeks are concerned.

The Republic of Turkey continues to deny that these genocides happened and to extol the Ottoman imperial and imperialist past.

It carried on in that manner with the colonial expedition to Cyprus in 1974.

It denies the existence of a Kurdish identity and it has been waging a colonial war against the Kurds since 1984. The latter are considered as "mountain Turks".

From the authoritarian secularism promoted by Atatürk to the so-called « moderate » Islamic conservatism promoted by Erdogan, the history of the Republic of Turkey has not been a model of democracy.

In the constitutional referendum of 16th April 2017, a majority of Turkish voters, who had been mobilized by speeches emphasizing « national » unity, narrowly approved the setting up of a dictatorship.

The Partit de la Nacion Occitana reiterates that the model Atatürk mainly followed is that of the French Republic: one and indivisible.



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27th April 2017

Turkey, referendum of 16th April 2017

Turkey, referendum of 16th April 2017

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