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Press release

The attacks against the Copts of Palm Sunday, 9th April 2017, in the North of Egypt (Tanta and Alexandria), killed dozens of victims.

These attacks claimed by the islamist organization, Daesh, targeted once more the Copts, the indigenous Christians of Egypt, whom the jihadists liken to « crusaders » and who are considered by the majority of Muslims as second-rate citizens, « dhimmis »
The Partit de la Nacion Occitana condemns these barbaric acts and denounces Daesh as the most extreme form of Arab imperialism.

The latter has never ceased its persecution of the Coptic nation since the conquest of Egypt in the 7th century, its persecution of the indigenous population, by progressively converting it to Islam and by assimilating it into the Arab culture of the conquerors, to the extent that the community of Christian religion and Coptic language became a minority from the XIVth century onwards.

Just like in Syria and Iraq, we should not consider the massacres perpetrated by Islamists as religious persecutions against Christians, they are also acts of imperialist violence against nations dominated and oppressed by the dominant Arab nation.

We denounce this domination in the name of the rights of nations: the Coptic nation and the Aramaic nation should be recognized and have each a sovereign state.




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10th April, 2017


attacks against the Copts

attacks against the Copts

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