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Solving the Calais crisis

The French government has just decided to ‘share out’ migrants from Calais among most of the regions of the French State. It affects 4 regions that are totally or for the most part Occitan.

Such a policy like many others should be defined and applied in agreement with the regions concerned. The Occitan Nation Party notes that this is another demonstration of French centralism in the wake of the recent reshaping of French regions.

If migrants pile up in Calais and in the surrounding area, it is obviously because they want to seek passage to Great Britain. The French government only takes into account their desire by preventing them from doing so and by removing them from there, which leads us to anticipate a massive return of the so-called migrants to Calais.

The U.K offloads the responsibility of preventing migrants to reach their shores onto France.

At the same time, if the migrants manage to enter the U.K, they are welcome and provide an exploited and docile workforce.

Faced with the crisis caused by the migrant tide, the Occitan Nation Party demands that the E.U, the member states or the associated states, define and carry out a coherent, coordinated and solidarity-based European policy.

Most migrants are refugees and all of them should be treated humanly and respectfully.

Occitania has long and traditionally been a land of welcome. It can welcome those who would choose to settle in our country temporarily or in a more lasting manner as it welcomed, often in far higher numbers, migrants coming from France, our colonizer, and from its other different European and overseas colonies.

The Occitan Nation Party urges local and regional Occitan governments to assert the Occitan identity of our territories and to invite migrants to share it by offering them an initiation to Occitan culture or even to the Occitan language. This would go to beyond a campaign for literacy in French, which is necessary, and beyond a soulless presentation of French culture. An « Occitan » welcome would contribute to their successful integration. Even if the financial cost of sharing out the migrants, a decision made by the State without consultation, should be borne by it, it is incumbent on territorial communities to demand that the State allow them to give their welcome an Occitan character.

Many migrants who fled war-torn or undeveloped countries would be more than happy to go back home in pacified and developing countries.

Developed countries that complain that they bear the brunt of this « migration crisis », especially France, often contributed to creating it in the first place or worsening it through reckless military interventions or colonial relationships.

It is their duty to solve this crisis :

  • through resolute action to put an end to conflicts that fuel migration tides via Libya or  from Syria and Iraq
  • through aid to economic development  in Africa for the benefit of the populations concerned and not for the benefit of local despots.
Solving the Calais crisis.

Solving the Calais crisis.

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