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The Occitan Nation Party and Brexit

The Occitan Nation Party takes note of the victory of Brexit that might be followed by other exits from the European Union if referendums were organized because euro-skepticism and xenophobia are gaining so much ground, including in the French State. EU citizens  distrust European institutions and have a feeling that on topics that have an impact on their everyday life : economic integration, the euro, the migrant crisis, Europe is unable to find solutions. Europe as it is and its out-of-touch bureaucracy are rejected more than the European project in which the peoples of Europe were not associated.

For Britain, europhile Scotland got divorced from europhobic England and this is a harbinger of a new referendum with voters choosing independence. Such an outcome is also possible, although on a longer term, for Wales and Northern Ireland which might then be reunified with Eire. So Brexit may herald the end of the United Kingdom.

The Occitan Nation Party is in favour of independence for Scotland and Wales within the EU and of reunification for Ireland.

The Occitan Nation Party also emphasizes the urgent necessity of a rebuilding of Europe through a better economic and social integration, federalization and taking into account  the peoples rather than the States.


The Occitan Nation Party and Brexit.

The Occitan Nation Party and Brexit.

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