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2017 French presidential elections

The Occitan Nation Party (P.N.O)  takes note of the attempt by Breton regionalist, Christian Troadec, to stand in the French May 2017 presidential elections.

The Occitan Nation Party is aware of the long-running and hard fight he has been leading against French centralism.

If he qualifies for the first round, the Occitan Nation Party is convinced that he will be a worthy spokesman for the colonized peoples of the French State.

Like the federation of regionalist and autonomist parties and movements, Régions et Peuples Solidaires (R&PS), the Occitan Nation Party welcomes Christian Troadec’s initiative and gives it its support. 

Parti de la Nation Occitan Nation Party

30th April 2016

2017 French presidential elections.

2017 French presidential elections.

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