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The Partit de la Nacion Occitana and the second round of the French regional elections of 13th December 2015

On 13th December 2015, the second round of French regional elections will take place.

After studying the results of the first round all across the Occitan territory the Partit de la Nacion Occitana (P.N.O.) has noticed the worrisome and growing political clout of forces aiming at the replacement of Occitan identity by an ultra chauvinist French identity.

Just as in the first round, none of the competing lists, whatever the region, has declared its support for true decision-making and financial powers granted to autonomous Occitan regions and none of them has established a link between the concerns of the Occitan population and Occitan identity or the loss of it.

 The Partit de la Nacion Occitana  calls on voters who would be tempted by the far-right Front National to think about the devastating consequences of their vote for a demagogic and ultra chauvinist party, that will not solve their problems, and to draw conclusions.

We do not want to endorse by a call for a vote the policies and the communication of the French central power and of the elected officials who relay it in Occitania : they are the ones who are responsible for the increasing progress of the Front National in Occitania.

Consequently, the Partit de la Nacion Occitana will not give voting instructions in Aquitaine Limousin-Poitou-Charente, in Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon, in Auvergne, Drôme-Ardèche with Rhône Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and recommends that voters freely choose either to abstain, return a blank or spoiled vote, or cast a ballot, which would represent the « least bad option » and would be compatible with our humanist and progressive values.

In Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, the Partit de la Nacion Occitana participated in the first round in « the Common Good », a list led by Christophe Cavard. We thank all those who were its candidates, who were in a way or another active in the election campaign and of course the voters who trusted us. The grass-roots campaign was very rewarding. For the second round, «The Common Good » has called on voters to vote for the left-wing list, which is a result of the merging of the Delga and Onesta teams. The Partit de la Nacion Occitana distances itself from this call.

 It calls on Occitan activists to prepare the next elections by debating about basic problems and striving further to convince people. There will come a day when Occitan progressive people, autonomists and independentists will be a majority in the  democratic and federal Occitan institutions.




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9th December 2015

Partit de la Nacion Occitana.

Partit de la Nacion Occitana.

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