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Per una Occitània federala e democràtica

Partit de la Nacion Occitana

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Election in the southern French region of « Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées » :
the Occitan Nation Party participates in the candidacy of Common Good with Christophe Cavard.

With a view to the regional elections of next December, the Occitan Nation Party (P.N.O.) participates in the approach of Common Good with Christophe Cavard. Indeed, the Common Good is not only a candidate list in this new region, it is above all an « outside the system » approach so that the rank-and-file citizens can recover the right to speak, a right they are generally deprived of by an oligarchy which claims to represent them.

The Occitan Nation Party denounces the French centralist « republican » model : for more than two centuries, successive French governments and their relays in the « provinces » have been working to standardize society and to maintain the domination of Paris. Nowadays, the population is conditioned and accepts this standardization and this domination, as if it were necessary, obvious and fatal, implying in particular the eradication of our Occitan and Catalan languages and of the cultures they convey.

The political, ecologist and civic cooperative the Common Good precisely denounces the confiscation of people’s power by delegation of power to the benefit of over-hierarchical parties, ruled from the capital : citizens do not decide, they only choose those who will decide for them. And the parties reproduce this centralized system at the regional level ; in so doing they reinforce their monopoly by thwarting any local alternative.

The Occitan Nation Party favours the devolution of powers and thus wants the citizens to recover the right to speak. The persistent attempt to eradicate our Occitan and Catalan languages is a concrete example of this confiscation of  the legitimate power of citizens by the central  State apparatus and by the political leaders who are his local allies.

The Common Good works in a cooperative way: each branch, each member is expected to expound a point of view, to let everybody know about their experience on the field and to put forward concrete solutions on various society topics (environment, economy...) to be discussed and agreed on. The  Occitan Nation Party offers this group especially its analysis on the issue of cultural and linguistic, so-called ‘regional’ identities, which is of particular relevance to this region.

Friday 16th October 2015

Occitan Nation Party.

Occitan Nation Party.

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