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Catalonia chooses to exit « single and indivisible » Spain

On 27th September 2015, the Catalan people clearly chose to be independent and exit the kingdom of Spain.

With this « yes » vote for independence, it questioned the forced union with Spain as the consequence in particular of the fall of Barcelona on 11th September 1714.

After the defeat of the pro-Spanish camp, now should be the time for negotiation between the democratically elected government of Barcelona with a clear mandate for independence and the government of Madrid to secure an amicable split between the two nations.

The Occitan Nation Party (P.N.O) commends Catalan political forces that said « no » to Spain for their mobilization.

This mobilization is an encouragement for all the stateless nations within the EU member states :

- For the Catalans in other parts of the Spanish State (Balearic Islands, Valencia, « the Aragon fringe ») and in the French State, who will be willing to join the new Catalan State,

- For the Scots who will sooner or later vote and choose independence, especially is there is a Brexit,

- For the Flemish of Belgium,

- For the « Spanish » or « French » Basques

- For the Occitans of the Aran Valley, who will go along with the independence of Catalonia as Occitans,

- For the « French » or « Italian » Occitans, who will be inspired by the example of Catalonia and the Aran Valley.

The Occitan Nation Party calls on the stateless nations of Europe and the world, starting with the Occitan nation itself, to demand their own independent State, even if for some of them this seems to be a distant prospect today.

27th September 2015

Partit de la Nacion Occitana

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Occitan Nation Party

Occitan Nation Party

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