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Aran valley (1): the Occitan Nation Party calls on voters to vote for the candidates of the "Junts pel sí" (Together for the aye) coalition.

            On 27th September 2015, Catalonia and the Aran valley are to vote to elect a new batch of MPs in Catalonia. These elections that will be held within the legal framework of a regional election will be a de facto vote on the independence of our Catalan neighbours and beyond that on self-determination for the Aran valley.

            The Occitan Nation Party out of justice and internationalist solidarity supports the current political process in Catalonia. A democratic act whose purpose is the creation of a Catalan State on the territory of the « Principat », this process should be seen as the first stage on the way to the reunification of Catalonia in a single State.

            In accordance with the idea of liberty for all nations and the recognition by international law of the right for each people to have its own State, the Occitan Nation Party supports the democratic approach followed by Catalan civil society and by the government of Catalonia.

            The Occitan Nation Party calls on our compatriots of the Aran valley  to staunchly support the independence process of Catalonia. It is essential if tomorrow this Occitan territory of the upper Garonne Valley is to become the first independent Occitan territory and the first to be aware of it.

            The Occitan Nation Party therefore requests our compatriots of the Aran valley to vote massively for the candidates of the "Junts pel sí" (Together for the aye) coalition, which groups together, regardless of ideological divisions, the supporters of independence for Catalonia and for the part of Occitania nowadays still under Spanish domination.

            Long live the independence of the Aran valley and of Catalonia !

1) Aran Valley is a valley in the Pyrenees mountains and a comarca (county) in the northwestern part of the province of Lleida, in Catalonia, northern Spain

Catalonia and the Aran valley
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