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Press release

More than ever, the Occitan Nation Party remains mobilized

    On March 28th and 29th, 2015, the Occitan Nation Party (P.N.O.) gathered its National Committee in Sant Sulpici la Punta, in the Albi area. In a context characterized by the will to block the language issue and a resurgence of chauvinism on the part of the government and the main French political forces, the delegates decided what follows :

    The P.N.O. is delighted that its call for the organisation of a new demonstration of protest to uphold the Occitan language has been heard. It will therefore mobilize all its militants so that the planned demonstration of October 24, 2015 in Montpelhièr is a success. It restates its demand of an official status for the Occitan language in accordance with language rights as provided by international conventions and grossly denied by the French State. It denounces once more France’s ethnocidal policy as regards Occitania and the other nations victimized by its imperialism.

    The P.N.O. rejoices to see the honourable results obtained in the departmental elections by the candidates it supported, especially the "Free and Independent for the Gers" candidates. It shows that Occitan people have expectations in terms of an Occitan political offer that would lead them to home rule.

    The P.N.O. will take part in the campaign for the regional elections of next December, that will take place in the new reshaped regions, a reform it denounced as disregarding the linguistic, cultural and historical reality of Occitan regions (see its press release dated April 22nd, 2014) ; During this campaign, it will act for the respect of identity and Occitania’s linguistic, cultural, economic, environmental and political rights.

    The delegates reaffirmed that the P.N.O. is a political movement that makes democratic proposals and that encourages resistance to the assimilationist policy planned by French power. The P.N.O. which was created in 1959, is and remains the party that really serves the national interests of the Occitan people.

March 31st, 2015

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Press release-Occitan Nation Party (P.N.O.)

Press release-Occitan Nation Party (P.N.O.)

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