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Local elections


What was to be « act three of the decentralization drive » of the French Republic led to merging regions without consulting the public and taking into account identities and cultures and to redrafting the boundaries of « cantons » often arbitrarily. On the eve of local elections, the competences of assemblies to be elected remain to be defined. French political parties compete with each other on these « territories » in their continuing fight for power in Paris, which is their sole objective.

An alternative that offers hope and progress for the colonized Occitan people cannot ignore people’s aspirations, our assertiveness as Occitan people and the will to shape our future.

The Occitan Nation Party therefore calls on voters in Occitania to refuse to vote for candidates of French parties and to vote for candidates whose demands enhance our Occitan identity.

It also supports the candidates of Occitan parties and movements who combine the demand for home rule and an autonomous approach.

It also supports the approach of the « free and independent for the Gers » candidates, who offer the premises of such an alternative.

In the too many « cantons » where such candidates are lacking, The Occitan Nation Party urges voters to protest by returning a blank or invalid vote.

March 17, 2015

Occitan Nation Party / 10, rue de Romas / 47000 AGEN /Occitania/France


Occitan Nation Party / 10, rue de Romas / 47000 AGEN /Occitania/France

Occitan Nation Party / 10, rue de Romas / 47000 AGEN /Occitania/France

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