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A great day for Aran and the whole Occitan nation

25 years ago, in 1990, the Parliament of Catalonia voted the law of Aran, which restored the Aranese institutions that had been abolished by the Spanish state in 1834.

The Parliament of Catalonia after consulting all the participants in the social, cultural and political life of the Val d’Aran and the rest of Occitania voted on January 21st 2015, almost unanimously, a new law that defines the  Val d’Aran as a “national Occitan reality” and that gives the General Council of Aran the right to decide on its future. 

Besides, the law guarantees that the Val d’Aran will never become under any circumstances part of a « viguerie », a territorial division of the Generality of Catalonia with a Catalan majority.

Occitan national symbols like the flag, the national day and the anthem are recognized and Occitan in its Aranese variety will be the preferred language in the administration.

On the thorny issue of financing the government of Aran, the law makes provisions for a three-year time limit for an update in consultation with the Catalan government.

The Occitan Nation Party pays tribute to the Generality of Catalonia for teaching a lesson of democracy to the imperialist states, Spain and France.

Indeed, within six months, the Aranese will vote on the law in a referendum.

This however, provided that the Spanish constitutional court lifts the suspension of the Catalan referendum Act. Otherwise Aran will have to organise an alternative referendum as the Generality of Catalonia did on November 9th of last year.

In any case, the new statute of Aran is a major breakthrough for Occitania and marks the beginning of its national emancipation that will extend one day to its territory under French and Italian rule.

Occitan Nation Party

January 22nd 2015

A great day for Aran and the whole Occitan nation

A great day for Aran and the whole Occitan nation

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