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For a "Central Occitania" region

As regards the current discussion on how to name the new region resulting from the merger between the former  "Languedoc-Roussillon" and "Midi-Pyrénées" regions, the Occitan Nation Party, gathered for its General meeting in Bagnols sur Cèze on 22 and 23 November 2014, has come to the decision that it should be named "Occitània centrala" in Occitan and "Central Occitania" in English. This name seems most rational. Indeed, it dovetails with the location of the new region on the map of Occitania.

                   For the Occitan Nation Party it is an opportunity to remind everybody that the proposed name is not new. The proposal had already been made by Mr. Marc Censi, then president of the "Midi-Pyrénées" region, to name it "Central Occitania".

                   Moreover, the Occitan Nation Party supports the North Catalan legitimate demand to create a Catalan autonomous region.

Occitan Nation Party

25 November, 2014

For a "Central Occitania" region

For a "Central Occitania" region

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