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The U.K shaken by Scotland

On 18th September 2014, the Scots chose to remain within the U.K for the time being.

In spite of a majority of noes to independence, a significant part of them questioned the 1707 Act of Union.

In spite of the defeat of the Yes camp, this result will be beneficial to :

-  the already existing devolved Scottish institutions whose powers will be further enlarged (at least if we are to believe the promises of mainstream British political parties, Tories, Liberal-Democrats and Labour, all keen on keeping Scotland within the U.K).

-  the devolved Welsh institutions whose government endowed with fewer powers than Scotland should gain new ones.

The Occitan Nation Party welcomes the outstanding mobilization of all the Scottish independence forces that have strongly shaken the U.K and highlighted its weakness.

This mobilization is an encouragement to all the stateless nations within the E.U:

      -   Catalonia who may vote in November on independence from the Spanish State

      -  Flanders

       -    the Basque country

The Occitan Nation Party  believes that, sooner or later, as foreseen by its founder, François Fontan, Europe’s and the world’s stateless nations will become independent  and form their own state. This is equally true for Occitania even if that prospect seems distant today.


The U.K shaken by Scotland

The U.K shaken by Scotland

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