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The Occitan Nation Party praises the courage of demonstrators in Kiev who, at the cost of their lives, managed to oust President Viktor Ianukovytch and his corrupt regime. The threats uttered by Vladimir Putin, who feels nostalgic about the Soviet Union, against the new Ukrainian transitional rulers and the military occupation of Crimea by the Russian army are signs of the traditional imperialism of tsarist, Soviet and post-Soviet Russia towards its neighbours, especially Ukraine.

True, it is unfortunate that the Ukrainian Parliament cancelled the language policy law, which granted the Russian language protection as «regional or minority language» (in the sense of the Council of Europe Convention) but it should be observed that Ukraine remains bound by the Convention it signed and ratified (contrary to France and Russia!) and that consequently it has to maintain such a protection for the Russian language. “Russian speakers » who make up a majority of the population in the East of Ukraine are either natives, russified Ukrainians in their own land, or non-natives, of Russian or other stock, who settled for the most part in the XX century because the Soviet authorities decided to industrialize the area. Although many Eastern Ukrainians only speak Russian, they nevertheless feel Ukrainian and do not feel at all like being incorporated into the Russian Federation. Nothing could justify such an incorporation. On the other hand, the population of « Russian » regions next to Rostov and Krasnodar is also made up of russified Ukrainians and should be considered as Ukrainian.

In Crimea, it is conceivable to maintain a Russian military base in Sebastopol without letting the Russian army occupy this territory and letting Russia people it with Russians.

Besides, the Ukrainian State should respect the rights of national minorities, including those of Russians, and especially those of Tatars (Turks), the legitimate occupiers of Crimea.

Finally, the U.N, the E.U and the U.S.A should oppose by all peaceful means at their disposal Putin’s adventurist policy in Ukraine.

As for the E.U, the Occitan Nation Party believes it should clarify its relations with Ukraine and leave the door open to an application for membership.

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Ukraine : the Occitan Nation Party praises the courage of demonstrators in Kiev
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