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Calandretas, Occitan state schools, are victims of attacks by the French State. Let’s support them !

The Occitan Nation Party calls for the support of Occitan associative and secular schools called Calandretas, especially the one in Artix, facing hostility from French administration.

Calandretas deliver a public teaching service in Occitan, the French ministry of education did not deliver and will carry on not delivering as much as it could, in spite of the efforts of teachers engaged in a similar battle. The contribution of associative schools is essential for the transmission, the survival and the development of our language and our culture.

To achieve such an objective, Calandretas need the aid of regional and local authorities, many of which have realized this and act accordingly. Now the representatives of the State establish barriers that were erected in the last two centuries to remove the influence of the Church from schools : as far as they are concerned, Calandretas are private schools and therefore they prohibit towns and villages from helping them, in particular, to find necessary premises.

For the French Republic, the only kind of teaching that can be financed by tax-payer’s money is what it defines as “state education”, i.e that defined and organized by the State (according to Napoleon 1st’s methods).

The Occitan Nation Party recognizes Calandretas as Occitan state schools and demands the right for regional and local authorities so inclined to enter into commitments alongside them.

The party calls to protest on Saturday 15th March 2014, at 3 PM in Pau (meeting-point Place de la Libération) and to sign the petition of support on https://www.change.org/fr/pétitions/òc-calandreta-que-viverà

The Occitan Nation Party calls for the support of Calandretas
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