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1st March 2014
Occitan Nation Party
10 rue de Romas
F-47000 Agen
Tel. +33 5 53 47 64 02
Mobile : +33 6 76 47 32 12
e-mail : joan-peire.alari@gmail.com

Montségur : 16th March 1244 - 16th March 2014

The Occitan Nation Party invites all Occitan people to take part in the commemoration that will take place at Montségur (Ariège) on 16th March 2014. This event will be a tribute paid to all the victims of the war to conquer a major part of Occitania waged by the army of the king of France from 1208 to 1229 under the pretext of fighting the Albigensian heresy.
Beyond the symbol of religious and political freedom, this commemoration will also be an opportunity to honour all the Occitan and other victims during the wars led by France in the course of centuries. It will be the right time now that the authorities of the French Republic are gearing up to hang out the the tricolour flags at home to commemorate the centenary of the useless slaughter of the Great War soldiers (not to mention the executed as an example). The Occitan Nation Party invites the Occitan people to denounce all the crimes against humanity committed in the name of chauvinism whatever its origin, France, Germany or elsewhere.
This gathering at Montségur is organized by the Foix civic association Occitania and Liberty. All the Occitan associations and organisations are invited to attend.

Meeting-place : Montségur (Ariège) at « Prat dels Cremats »
Sunday 16th March 2014 at 11 am
For further information : Jacques Pince
Tel: +33 5 61 67 33 40

 Montségur : 16th March 1244 - 16th March 2014
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